Through her art Koskenlahti explores social and political issues which puzzle her mind. She deals with subjects such as colonialism, postcolonialism, otherness, power and violence.

In her solo work the music is often built around a frame drum, a traditional Spanish tambore drum and traditional Swedish wooden whistles. Koskenlahti uses also everyday materials such as paper, plastic and metal, combining them with the sound of the two drums and flutes.

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Autumn 2021 Minna worked on a three-part cinefilm piece featuring new music. All parts of ”Summassarja”(l: Koivut/Birches, ll: Ne saavat maatua/They are allowed to fall, lll: Juuret/Roots) were premiered in November 2021.

June 2021 Minna spent in a forest in Saarijärvi playing with birch trees. This is part of Searching For A Job? (Etsitkö töitä?) -project and you can read more about it here:

Solo album Toinen/Other out in 31.3.2021. Koskenlahti’s compositions are inspired by social themes which run through the Toinen/Other album. As a whole, the sound world of the album is intense and hypnotic in places, fragile and bare in others. As background literature in her composition process, Koskenlahti has been inspired by the works of Sara Ahmed, Frantz Fanon and Edward W. Said, among others.