Punavalkoisia lauluja

Punavalkoisia lauluja has arisen from the need to understand what our understanding of the lines of history is based on and what lies between these defined narratives.

This group of folk music professionals explores socially and nationally significant, but often silenced and difficult, topics through music. The work is based on a broad and thorough background in the topic of the current project; collecting, compiling and reviewing the material. A key element is to study the events of history by treating the source material open-mindedly and avoiding generally accepted uniformity. Punavalkoisia lauluja wants to approach many aspects of humanity and group spirit by re-examining both their own attitudes and the great stories of historiography.

The first project of the group, Punavalkoisia lauluja (2018), focused on the Civil War of 1918 in Finland by exploring the atmosphere of the time through contemporary songs and lyrics. The deep dividing lines between the reds and the whites during the Civil War in Finland split the people in half and have left their mark on today’s Finland as well. Based on the archive materials, the group composed and arranged and scripted a performance that was performed in several cities around Finland. 

  • Helmi Camus
  • Minna Koskenlahti
  • Iida Savolainen

with Tero Pajunen (2018 tour)

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